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Worlds number one reliable secured app to offer you to pay services with virtual currencies. Invest and be your own bank.

ICO P2pay Offer
Buy Value Allocating Volume Expected Bonus
1-249 1-249 USDT 0%
250-499 287.5-573.85 15%
500-999 625-1248.75 25%
1000+ 1350+ 35%
* Soft Cap of 1 Million and hard Cap of 8 Millions

Presale is Live





We accept BTC, ETH, LTC and other

$ 50500

Sold for now


1) P2pay Platform will be released 07/12/2019. As of now our beta platform will be available to all investors and future clients.

2) Debit card from Mastercard issued 10/1/2019. We will secure these plans immediately after ICO is completed.

3) Smart phone integration for retail sales will be available 2/1/2020. The app will allow for retail sales at point of entry.

4) Integration of over 50 alt coins will be exchangeable 6/30/2020. Top 50 alt coins will be interchangeable with smartphone app and debit card.


P2pay Overview

Our Team


Muhammad Wajahat Ali


Technical advisor at SimpleFx Pamm leading the way trouble shooting problems as they occur.


Chandrasekar Devarayan(Chan)

Credit Advisor

MBA in Finance, 10+ years of experience in Banking Retail credit risk function including Pricing and Regulatory Models, In depth knowledge in Risk and Credit businesses


Phillip Chandler

Public Relations

Head of communication services at Mutual of Omaha establishing favourable relationships with stakeholders,customers, and internal staff.


Curt Stankavage

Security Head

24 years service to those in need. 8 years in the military, 12 years in human services ,10 years in public services as a fire fighter and 5 years as a loan Originator.


Atif Ali

Loan Advisor

24 years service to those in need. 8 years in the military, 12 years in human services ,10 years in public services as a fire fighter and 5 years as a loan Originator.


Terrance Blair

Project monitor

manager who works with creative entrepreneurs to achieve a positive cash flow promoting leadership skills among managers. Associates Degree in Science and also a Certificate in drafting and design JDCC


Ivaylo Barakov

Lead Full Stack Developer

JavaScript, Angular 2 & 4, bootstrap, css, html,vue.js Exposure/Fundamental knowledge in OOP, SOLID and LISKOV principles in C#


April Lucero

Back end operator

Bachelors degreeinComputerScienceand played a vital role in the GoTalkcompany out of the Philippines. A Solution specialist at Virgin Mobile specializes in HTML, PHP,CSS, Web development


John Okeniyi

ICO Advisor

Advanced knowledge on the extensive transfer pricing and economic consulting experience in crypto ico's.


Jamie Johnson

Financial Advisor

Senior manager at SimpleFx Pamm with over a decade in the crypto currency market at the top exchanges.



Full Stack Developer

SaE Solution.



System Architect

SaE Solution.




What is P2pay goal in near term and future?

P2pay will revolutionize lending cutting out the banks and make alt coins liquid at the push of a button.

Protect P2pay clients who enter into short-term, high-rate loans with lenders from abuses that occur in the credit marketplace. Pave the way for alt coin wallets to allow instant liquidation to all major currencies across the world. Revolutionizing the lending world.

What happens when a borrower does not pay back the loan?

If a borrower fails to pay back the loan completely, the loan turns into a default. P2pay Smart Compensation Fund will follow rules of regulatory body of countries origin and purchase debt directly from borrower of the loan to the lender in order to minimize his loss. Since the borrower is known and legally bound to the smart contract, the lender has the choice of collecting the debt himself or simply selling the default on the Collectors Market to further minimize his loss.

What is P2P lending?

P2P-lending is a form of lending where the trusted third party (typically a bank) is cut out of the equation, allowing people to directly engage in credit agreements. P2P-lending emerged with the internet in the early years of this millennium and has experienced immense growth ever since. Practicability and better interest rates than traditional loans make P2P-lending an attractive form of financing for people both in developing countries and in the industrialized world.

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